Meet Beauty Trainer Alison

Meet our amazing trainer Alison! Alison wears many different hats here at Atwea including training the Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy to apprenticeships students in the Hunter Region, EVET Certificate III in Retail at Glendale High School, Certificate III in Retail Traineeship, Certificate IV in Retail Management and the Upgrade Diploma of Beauty Therapy for students already trained in the beauty industry that are wanting to upgrade their qualification.

Teaching all these various qualifications involves delivering theory and practical units at our Hunter Street Beauty Campus, traveling to various Beauty Salons across the Hunter, training on zoom and visiting retail students at work. Importantly for training, Alison believes being a trainer is about understanding your learners, what their capabilities are, and how they can be pushed out of their comfort zones to build confidence and self-esteem. She strives to help people feel worthy, especially giving confidence to those looking to re-enter the workforce.

Alison loves being a mother figure for her students and a shoulder to cry on from time to time, listening to their needs and supporting them. She accepts learners for who they are and works to bring the best out of everyone. Creating a happy positive learning environment helps students to laugh and love themselves and others. Alison also teaches about high standards of professionalism and respect and ignites passion in the learners. She enjoys it when a student teaches her something new, constantly challenging her mind. Alison believes learning is for everyone, no matter who they are.

Alison has had a vast number of jobs in her life. From making Pizzas, working on the checkout at Woolworths, waitressing, putting herself through private college to being a beauty therapist and so much more. Once trained as a beauty therapist she worked in a number of salons where she furthered her career and education by doing Professional Development and additional study. Alison has always had a passion for learning and furthering herself in the beauty industry. She loves the beauty industry and how diverse it is and how being a beauty therapist/trainer and assessor can have an impact on a person and their life. Not only providing treatments to make them feel better about themselves but to educate up-and-coming learners with all the knowledge that she herself has acquired over the years. She loves seeing her learners succeed and make a new start or chapter in their life and career.

Alison loves teaching at 新彩开奖. The students challenge her every day and there is never a dull moment being a trainer across a vast cohort of learners. The staff is extremely lovely to work with across the entire Atwea community. There is an amazing team at the Atwea Beauty Campus, everyone works well together and is always there to help and assist one another when needed. Alison enjoys going to work, sharing her knowledge, and seeing learners achieve and accomplish their goals. At the end of the course, to see the learner realise that they have made it to the end through all the ups and downs, to see them smile, is what makes her job worthwhile.

In her personal life, Alison is a mum and a partner. She deals with lots of issues outside of work as her partner has just been diagnosed with throat cancer. As a family, they are going to learn Sign Language to assist with communication. Her daughter has a condition called Cystic Fibrosis and she is constantly learning new information about this debilitating disease. Lyllah is very well; they are very blessed with all the advancements in medications and treatments. Alison is actively involved in fundraising boards for the Newcastle John Hunter Cystic Fibrosis Race Day. She is also currently studying for her Bachelor of Health Science Aesthetics and once finished, is looking to do additional training in Training and Assessment.
With all her spare time she enjoys spending time with her daughter and doing girly things, taking the dog for a walk, or just hanging out with her 6 cats, yes you read it right 6 cats!

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